Czar or comparable Plum Trees in US?

I have a spot in our garden where I’d like to try a plum tree, but it is not a full-sun spot. I would classify it as “partial shade.” I’m in East Texas, so the partial shade could also be useful in the very hot Summer months.

Doing some research, I’ve read that the Czar plum tree can succeed in partial shade and isn’t terribly fussy about soil. However, I cannot seem to find any Czars for sale in the US — it looks like a UK concoction.

Does anyone have any knowledge of whether the Czar exists in the US? And if not, is there a comparable plum tree in North America that could yield fruit in partial shade?


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How much direct sun does the spot get? If you’re getting at least ~6 hours of direct light in summer and less than full shade the rest of the day, that’s probably enough to get fruit on any plum. Less sun might mean slightly lower sugars or slower ripening but in a warm climate with long summers I think you’d be ok.

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The UK plums don’t typically do well in hot humid conditions.

Instead look at the Auburn series of plums bred for southeastern conditions like Au Rosa, Au Producer, Au Roadside and the Au Rubrum.

Also consider the gulf series of plums from the university of Florida. HS895/HS250: Growing Plums in Florida (

You might also look at Aggie Hort from Texas A&M. Fruit and Nut Production - Fruit & Nut Resources Fruit & Nut Resources (