Daffodils emerging

My daffodils that are already planted have started already poking the surface. Just a few. We haven’t really been cold enough yet to trigger any sort of vernalization that would be sufficient for growth. In fact, I have daffodils in my garage I haven’t planted yet! (More on those in another post).

How is this possible?

Why would you start two threads about the same thing?

Because one has to do with chilling requirements and bulbs already in the ground from previous years, and the other one has to do with some that I haven’t planted yet. I felt like they were really two different issues.

My daffodils tips are merging above the ground too. We did have warm weather recently. But daffodils are such carefree plant, I have never paid much attention to their growth in the past. I don’t know this is normal or not. I just know they bloom every year regardless of the weather. I noticed they are growing just because I was planning some hyacinth bulbs nearby.