Damaged rootstock

Hello, I’m proceeding with this year’s tree planting, and I noticed one of my pluot trees has its myrobalan rootstock damaged. Could this kind of damage prevent the healthy growth of the tree ?

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Should be fine. Just watch it.

Thank you very much!

I would clear away all the dead bark to see what you are working with. I have seen recommendation that you torch cankers until the wood bubbles but does not blacken. Maybe cover it with whitewash or latex primer. If it is canker, I would be worried about it progressing, or the wood rotting before it heals over. I removed a Fuji and Red Delicious apple for that reason. The wood was going soft, and I didn’t want canker spreading. Also, I hate Red Delicious.

I am going to be the naysayer. While it does look like it has tried to start callousing the bare area, by the looks of it I think you have another canker developing now on the “good” side. If that is the case, you are not going to have enough good bark left to make much out of that tree in the long term. If it was mine I would send it to the woodchipper in the sky and start fresh.

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Honestly I would also stay safe by just getting another one. I might plant this one in the woods close to my house , so that at least it has a chance of survival!
Thank you very much for your help

If it were me…I’d also yank it and start fresh.

I’d definitely start another tree too but not give up on the one you have.
If you paint the damaged area you can tell / see the new growth as it develops.
If you take lots of photos you can do a “how to” guide if things turn around.
Good luck!

I would love to keep this tree too because I really like this specific variety , but I have a huge space problem, so I might just put it in a huge pot (something around 50+ Cm diameter) would it work ?