Damn rabbits!


Problem is you always catch the dumb ones. That one is dumb 2x.


Did you eat it?


I don't mind at all, in fact I can send you some photos from day one, and others from the other side of the tree.

I think it's neat to show people how useful grafting can be.


Nope, Id have no problem trying it but my live in GF was opposed, not worth starting a fight about...


I've been thinning the herd...still not there. They've done plenty of damage. They got into some caged stuff and started chewing up trees. They must be able to squeeze through some pretty tight areas. Going to have to hardware cloth everything int he future...


Mine are much fatter. I think they eat good around here. I should stop feeding them Christmas cookies. Squirrels have been active too around here. The kids were yelling because one almost got ran over by our van and i was disappointed that i missed :sunny:


The rabbits are starting to get hungry here I think. There is nothing much left for them to eat that is green. I reset my rabbit trap in the raspberry bushes and have chicken wire up on most trees. It is supposed to be warm nights ahead and the moon is getting closer to full. I think rabbits prefer to be out on full moon nights. I had a coon dog that had been allowed to run rabbits when he was a pup. When I bought him you couldn't hardly hunt him on a full moon because he would get in the middle of a section and chase rabbits in circles until you walked in and got him.


But did he CATCH any?


No lol, he never caught a rabbit. That's why you had to go get him, he would run them all night!


It is not easy for a dog to catch a wild rabbit when there are plenty of vines and bushes around to hide in.


We need to upgrade dogs to coyotes


You are right about that and this was a scent hound so he just follows along and smells where the rabbit has been never really getting very close to it. Rabbits run in large loops in their home territory and so the dog never moves more than a few hundred yards. So finally you walk half a mile through woods and briars in the dark to catch your dog, and he looks at you like you should be impressed with his performance. He would also tree house cats occasionally.


On a side note nothing was in my trap this morning, I think I will leave it for a couple more days then move it to a new spot


My dog is like that, when we go out in the pasture he follows us sort of, sniffing around the brush and brambles. All of a sudden you'll hear a yelping, baying bark, and he's off on the chase. Never seen him get a rabbit that way, and squirrels just antagonize him, too. But it's good exercise for him, I guess.

But, sometimes, he'll find a baby bunny somewhere, and bring the carcass and plop it on our deck. Nasty! I have to flick those off onto the grass. I've seen him take one of those carcasses and play with it, like grab it and throw it up in the air enough times until the head flies off! Gross! What a great hunter. Not.


Out here in the open desert my hubby used to run down rabbits himself on foot. I kid you not.
We have an old scent hound too. He will occasionally tree house cats, and raccoons. When we go for a walk after dark he thinks it's hunting time!
It's really a good time for young boys to go out with a flashlight, and carry back a coon or two.


I’ve got 2 hanging around. Last night i see they got a graft of mine…the tag was on the snow. The last snow was so dense, that they can just hop along on top of it so they can reach the branches even with fencing…ugh. Every year the same thing.


Mine is an elusive littl devil.


The cat flushed out a big one yesterday, but she’s not a real hunter, just watched damn thing hop off


I’ve trapped and ate 2 so far this winter. . . yum


Maybe a foot high. I’m changing over to taller galvanized cloth fencing.