Dapple Dandy good enough pollinator for Flavor King?

We recently moved and miss my old 3n1 Pluot tree that had Flavor king, flavor queen, and dapple dandy. I didn’t like having to constantly beat down the dapple dandy/flavor queen parts of the tree as FK was such an anemic grower. We’re now on 1 acre here in 9b in Southern California and miss the Flavor king and dapple dandy. Will I get good fruit set with just a DD and a FK? Or would putting in a Santa Rosa plum help? A spice zee nectaplum will also be planted nearby but I don’t think it’s an approved pollinator for Pluots. Thanks!

I’m in Vista, CA with winter lows above 35°F. My Flavor Grenade blooms earlier than Beauty japanese plum with a slight overlap.

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It’s really hard to tell. A lot depends on timing of bloom as affected by chilling and weather. Another pollinator or two might help some years. Other pluots that might help that I like better than Dapple Dandy or Flavor Queen are: Geo Pride, Flavor Grenade, Flavor Finale, Emerald Drop, and Emerald Beaut plum.

I had this 3x1 tree, but I only had a few Dapple Dandy plums one year, after 8 years, I cut down the whole tree, much happier, it took a huge space in my yard with practically no fruit. However, my Santa Rosa, Shiro, and Satsuma tree nearby is producing much better.