Dapple Dandy Pluot Harvest Window

Several years ago we bought our current home, with a large pluot tree that was about 30 years old. The former owner confirmed it to be Dapple Dandy. This fruit made set me on my obsession that we all share.

The crazy thing is that I remember eating the first fruit of the season on June 16th (Sacramento / 9b), but also even through mid September. The flavor would change from sweet-tangy to pure sweetness by the end, but is this normal?

I don’t know if it’s that it has a looong hang time, or if it was the tree was so large that there were enough early and late flowers to create this long window to harvest.

What’s the average harvest window you’re all seeing? Have you noticed similar hang times with other pluots?

Some of the Pluots turn to mush almost immediately, but a lot of them will hang in the tree for a month if nothing destroys them.

In my previous property in Delaware most pluots (I had DD, Flavor King, Flavor Supreme, GeoPride, Splash, Flavor Grenade and Emerald Drop) colored up early and hanged for a couple of months before they were soft ripe (not mush). Sometimes I used to get impatient waiting for them, and I think DD was one that behaved that way.

Flavor Heart was the one I was thinking of that’s reputed to turn to mush quickly.

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