Darrow blackberry chill hours

I’m trying to find out the chill hours for Darrow blackberry I’m in zone 8B in Florida. Has anyone grown them with success in this zone

darrow has alot of disease issues and isnt nearly the best tasting cultivar. in your zone you can grow just about any type of blackberry. others with more experience will chime in on the best cultivars for you.


I have lots of others that I’m buying but I would like to have a couple thorny ones just to try out I have Kiowa what would another good thorny one be if not darrow?

I’m finding this out. What seems to be Septoria has nearly totally denuded my Darrows

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I’m in Missouri and it grew like a weed but it was pretty poor quality. I grew triple crown next To it and after a few years I killed the Darrow plants.


How about Brandywine or royalty purple raspberries has anyone tried those in zone 8?

Great feedback. Shucks, I may just dig up my Darrow…no sense wasting space on a disease-laden poor quality bush.

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royalty purple grows great and is vigorous here in z4. not sure how it will handle your heat.

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