Dave Wilson Nursery 2019 Highlights

I just got a reply from DWN letting me know that DWN 2019 Highlights will be released by the end of this week.


Any more information on the Highlights…I checked their site a few times but have not seen them yet.

I contacted DWN yesterday and they told me that it’s almost complete.

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has anyone here ordered their highlishts last year 2018?

Not much for highlights…a white nectarine (whereas they sell about a bajillion varieties of those) and a raspberry:

No kidding.

I was hoping for one of the low chill cherries to be released, maybe even a new interspecific hybrid. The most interesting thing was the fact that they are now selling LE cooke stock. Are any of the LE Cooke varieties worth growing?

LE Cooke is winding down from its business as they’re losing money so they’re transferring or selling their inventories, trademarked or patented varieties to DWN.

LE Cooke has good cultivars. I have bought many fruits from them that are adapted to our area. Your mileage may vary depending where you are. You can try or ask those people in your area who have tried.

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Looking through their website peachy keen looks very interesting for my area.

DWN list Arctic Babe Nectarine as an Interspecific. I believe it has a little bit of apricot in its parentage.

Yeah, I was disappointed when I first saw the Highlights yesterday via private message from DWN.

At least Artic Babe Nectarine looks interesting.

I was hoping for another plum cherry hybrid along the lines of Candy Heart. Zaiger Genetics is currently working on them as one of their “biggest experiments.” Modesto growers create new blends of fruits - YouTube View right before 2 minute mark.


Since DWN will not be releasing nothing interesting, as far of hybrids, for 2019, hopefully Raintree Nursery releases another interesting hybrid.

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We will keep doing our own hybrids in the meantime, no need to wait around as much.


Under the LE Cooke varieties they list “Korean” Asian pear… is that the same as Korean Giant or is it a unique variety?

We should work on hybridizing nectarines with apricots.

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I did pollinate Indian Free peach with pollen from Honey Kist necrarine. Apricot/Nectarines will be next, when they blossom again next Winter.

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I pollinated my Indian Free Peach with Flavor Top Nectarine, peach x almond, and F1 Moorpark Apricot.

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I’m going backwards, three, the only three of my hybrid trees died during the winter. I think they were too small to handle the cold? Not sure? No other plants died, even younger plants, but these did, not really sure what happened? One was in ground and still died. I think i will protect for a winter or two before putting in the ground. It looks like the roots are the problem, maybe best to graft!
Easy enough to grow more, but lost lot’s of time, oh well, I still have mulberry seedlings, and my young honeyberries I thought would die, did not! So some good things…I now have a crap load of cultivars grafted for breeding too.