Daylight required

After recently moving to a house that is surrounded by woods, I have become much more concerned with how many hours of light things require to be productive. I have a steep slope on the west side of the house that I don’t want to mow with the rider. It is getting about three hours of sun from noon to 3 pm. I am thinking of strawberries but don’t know if that is enough sun.

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When I google it , it says six hours, I am half that. Any one with experience growing them with three?

They will grow, but may not produce much and may be not the best in taste. But you definitely can “naturalize” them - let them just grow without much care and still get few berries. But you still will need to weed them until they create a full cover - some weeds doing much better with shade than strawberries.

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Thank you galinas for the remarks.

Maybe alpine strawberries would be a better bet.

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I meant to respond sooner but forgot. I grew strawberries in shade for 2-3 years. It got about 3 hours of sun, about 10 am - 1 pm. They grew and set fruit. But like @galinas said, they were not productive.

I should not say I grew them. I threw left over plants there and they grew.

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Thanks mamuang, hum…, I’m going to have to put something there because I’m not going to weed eat that area every week.

Have you looked into currants or gooseberries? If they’re allowed in your area, I’ve read they only want 1/2 day of full sun at most.


If only this is a problem, you can use ground cover. Vinca works on the hills in part sun very well.

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I would prefer a ground cover that fruits :grinning:

I don’t care for goose berries but currents may be an option, thanks seamonkey

Black currants make great jam. Strawberries may not completely suppress weeds anyway. I used to grow strawberries and weeding them was always a pain. Now, I only have a few left and never get any fruit due to birds and chipmunks.

An even better option is to remove the trees :slight_smile: The hard part I have is convincing the neighbors to let me, as I’ve already gotten rid of mine, but there are always some near the property lines.

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