Dead bees?

I’m starting to see a dead bee a day on my balcony, but why are they dying here?
I don’t use lights. I did have my balcony sprayed for spider prevention a month ago… could that chemical still be hurting them?
There’s a few trees I got from the store nearby and a row of blue cornflower saplings/other flowers nearby.

Edit: I looked closer and the bees appeared to be missing body parts. Some are missing wings, bodies, or look decapitated. I’m not sure what’s going on.

Why spray for spiders? They kill bugs. Are they venomous where you are?


is it killing the bees

What chemicals did they spray? Maybe if you call them they can tell you.

do ortho products kill bees

Yes ortho home defense kills everything

What was it sprayed on? Was it anything a honeybee would be interested in landing on and possibly eating?

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I don’t get how spraying for spiders around the outside of the home does anything but then let more pest insects in which will draw more spiders causing you to spray your house more in a never ending cycle.

It’s possible a weed n feed or herbicide application is also killing them. Luckily the murder hornets are resistant to pesticides so soon we all get pollinators again!

Do they have their “tongues” sticking out when you find them dead?

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Very likely these bees were killed by the pesticide. Some bees including bumblebees live underground /on the ground so they have bigger chance of contacted the pesticide.

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actually I took a closer look and all of the bees appeared dismembered. I found half of a bee body and some missing body parts? What does this mean?

Ants could be dismembering the bodies to more easily carry away, or to, their colony?