Dealing with thorns on citrus

Ouch, ouch, dammit, that f…thing
I quit growing thorny blackberries ,because I did not like the thorns.
Not shur what I was thinking when I started collecting citrus.!

This is a rather mean trifoliate.
Not all are this bad , but a lot of the hardy citrus are thorny especially ,citrangequats , and trifoliate hybs.
This year after getting poked real bad when moving the first potted one inside,
I pruned off all the thorns befor moving the rest

I found a branch with new soft ,young ,growth.

" I found that I could JUST PINCH THE THORNS OFF WITH MY FINGER NAILS when they were on that new soft growth !!!
Much easier ,and safer
From now on I am going to try to pinch them off befor they harden like nails


They make some nice tooth picks!!



I kinda wish I had that problem. No citrus in mich.

Do those thorns pierce through that chain mail on your arms? Haha.


My Meyer Lemon is at least 7 years old. I also have incredibly long thorns this year. I consider the small tree a weapon!

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Ok tooth picks they are, just tried that ,worked good.
Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.
Nice citrus flavor too.

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I have a trifoliate orange I could send you seed of.
It has seen 24 below F once
20 below several times.
It may make it up there.
Good rootstock.
Tooth picks
Any body else want seeds for a tooth pick tree.?

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Don’t want to sound dumb but what type of fruit is this tree?

Trifoliate orange ,( poncirus trifoliata)
It’s the hardyest citrus .although it does fruit ,they are to bitter to eat.
Good hardy rootstock for citrus.
Ornamental ? ,hedge? Very thorny ( tooth picks )
May not be hardy where you are ?

Meyer lemons don’t have thorns. You must be letting rootstock grow.

Oh yes they do. Will take pics. It’s not root stock.