December flash freeze - bud damage

I’ve slowly been cutting buds open to see if there is damage from the flash freeze last December. Every single cherry bud I’ve checked, both sweet and tart, looks like this. I hope I’m wrong, but appears to be dead ovule. Peaches look bad but at least I see 30% or so that look okay. Plums look fine, but the buds are so small so it might be hard to tell.

sigh … :disappointed:

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I live in Europe. Was it vastly colder than normal for you during the period in question?

YES Many of us set record lows for this time of the year

How cold did it get there? My trees were already dormant when this happened, but we never got colder than 3°F (Maryland).

In a couple of days before Christmas, the eastern half of the US saw a short, but very deep cold snap that was in some cases colder than many places get all winter. Temps from -15°F to 5°F (-26°C to -15°C) in many places.

I hit -7f

Meanwhile Europe saw a remarkably warm winter. I was concerned about not enough chill hours until Feb was colder than Dec or Jan, which is not normal

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It was a pretty mild winter, but we had one instance where it dropped drastically in a matter of hours. We got down to -4 F. (-20C) Normally we could handle that, but the temp drop was very abrupt.

Oh no! That’s pretty scary. Now I’m more worried about mine. It dropped 50 degrees in 12 hours here. Prior to that we hadn’t seen temperatures below 20 degrees but it bottomed out at 3F here.