Deep pots for seedlings

So I started some pecans from seed this year, and rooted some mulberry cuttings (much thanks to those who sent me these). Things actually turned out much better than I expected and I have 15 or so tiny trees now. Pecans are dormant (lost their leaves) and I suspect the mulberries will do the same soon as it is getting cold near the outside wall of the greenhouse. I as thinking of transplanting these and was looking for some advice as to what sort of pots to use.

Right now they all are in 1/2gal milk jugs with top removed and drainage holes. It worked for this first stage, but they are in need of something bigger. I was hoping to find something like the nursery 1gal round plastic pot but twice as tall, so there would be plenty of depth for the roots. However I have not had much luck finding anything like this. I’d like whatever pot to be sturdy enough to last a year or two, but light weight and easy to store (since I don’t know when I will use them again after these trees go in the ground).

Anyone have any recommendations? What do you use and/or recommend for 2nd year trees?

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Check this site out and see if you find anything. They have tall tree pots. I have no experience using them though.


Thanks @Susu, those are what I had in mind. Now I just need to figure out which size is right and put in an order.

@ILParadiseFarm burying them is a good idea, but too late for this year, cold/freezing weather is already upon us and they are all still used the the greenhouse, but next year… Part of the reason to keep them in pots is I have yet to find places for them, and it takes quite a bit of prep work to get decent soil at my place. It would be nice to get them outside some next summer, then bring them into shelter again for next winter. Then the following spring plant the hardiest ones in their permanent places.

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I bought TP818 pots for pecans from Stuewe earlier this year. From discussion with Wes Rice, TP616 would have worked. I chose the 8 inch pots because I can grow the seedlings to larger size in them. If you look at recent posts on Bill shows pictures of the pots he is using for seedlings. They appear to be about 4 inches square by 16 inches deep. He probably got them from Stuewe.

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