Deep South Plums

A coworker brought us hundreds of fantastic plums from her 2 young trees this summer. I determined to plant one myself, but she has no clue what type, only that the trees are the same variety. I’m assuming Methley because it’s self-fertile.

While I’m at it, I figured I’d do some research then add 5-6 additional varieties. One of our old dairy pastures is steadily becoming an orchard! I’m finding a good many suggestions, but would love some personal advice on favorites to help differentiate the field.

What plum varieties are best for the Deep South? AND What are your favorites?

LSU Ag recommends, as popular varieties:
AU Amber, AU Homeside, AU Producer, AU Roadside, AU Rubrum, Black Ruby, Byron Gold, Crimson, Frontier, Methley, Morris, Ozark Premier, Robusto, Ruby Sweet, Segundo and Wade.

A large local container nursery grows: Autumn Rosa, Bruce, Burbank, Methley, Santa Rosa


I am pretty happy with guthrie. It is by far the most robust plum tree I have ever grown.


Even here on the 6/7 interface, Guthrie and native Chickasaw plums have been the only ones worth their space in my orchard.


I sincerely hope it’s not the one I’m thinking of. Some years ago I purchased 23 potted trees supplied by them ( starting with a “B”), 21 was mislabeled. I "m located just across the LA/MS line along the Pike/Walthall Bogue Chitto river area.
However, the Autumn Rosa was true to label and has been an awesome plum here at my place.

Yeah that’s the one :grimacing:

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Gulf Rose has a very good complex flavor but must be pollinated with another Gulf series plum such as Gulf Beauty. The 2 improved chickasaw plums Odom and Guthrie are hard to beat as far as production. I like the flavor but it is not as good as some of the pluots or Japanese plums. But what good is the flavor if the tree dies a 3 or 4 years like most pluots or Japanese plums.


My Guthrie and Odom has been healthy at my location. Another one less often mentioned is Spring Satin as of now has been healthy. These have more issues with late cold killing the fruit but the trees are healthy.


I like AU producer, others have considered it unremarkable.


I’ve been reading threads on the Green Gage plums. Is anyone having success with them in the hot humid South?

I am in z7b southern middle TN…

I started 2 jplums last spring… AU Rosa and Shiro,
Last spring I added a graft of AU Producer to my AU Rosa… it was successful and bloomed this spring.

This spring I added grafts of Superior, Alderman, Beauty, Spring Satin Plumcot, South Mtn EB Plumcot, Vic Red american plum.

Last spring and this spring… AU Rosa and Shiro bloomed too early,… AU Rosa starts March 1, Shiro 4-5 days later, AU Producer starts same time as Shiro.

We almost always get a low to mid 20’s frost in March… even mid to late march, and well, that wipes out the tiny plum frut that have set, That happened last spring, and this spring. I may have a few fruit still hanging on this year, but many/most shriveled and dropped.

Many of the varieties I added this spring… are supposed to bloom much later, Alderman and Beauty and Vic Red for example,

I am hoping that in some years… those later bloomers, will get me some fruit.

Late frosts are the J Plum killer here… anything that blooms early March here, is going to be lucky to survive to fruit… maby 1 or 2 years out of 10… they might make it.

Good Luck to You !

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Thanks. I think Scarlett Beauty and Burbank both have some fruit set. They are also my 2 largest plum trees.