Deer are getting bolder

My garden and orchard is surrounded by 7’ deer netting.

The deer have never gotten in, but lately they seem to be hanging out right next to the netting for a long time. Touching it with their snouts, eating stuff growing right outside the netting, etc.

I don’t think they would try to ram it, and while a really enterprising deer could jump it, I think they are unable to judge it’s height so don’t try…

Still, I would like perhaps a secondary protection. Bobbex, Liquid Fence, etc. What do you think?

All I use to keep deer out of my veggie garden is milorganite. I take a bag and walk the perimeter of the garden putting down a heavy “line” of the stuff. It’s worked for 6 years so far. I’d think if you did the same around the fence it may discourage them. You do need to reapply every couple of weeks though.


I thought it was human feces but now I see it’s microbes that were used to digest human waste What is Milorganite Fertilizer?. That kind of heat they use in the process kills anything. Heavy metals are another concern but they claim to heavily regulate metals. Everything needs recycled and this program that makes this fertilizer seems to work.

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Bolder…and fatter. Get you some extra bullets…bambi eats pretty good for breakfast, or dinner.


there are many hunters that would be happy to remove them for you. :wink: if you dont want shooting on your property, ask they only use archery. silent but still deadly.


I have no idea exactly how many weeks have gone by that I’ve not seen road-kill deer this year. Not many, I can tell you that!

I recommend a “Scarecrow” or similar impulse-sprinkler and motion sensor combo. The animals do NOT like that sudden “FSSST” that comes along. Won’t harm the critters, though it might scare them to death. Simple. Effective. Downside: You have to attach it to an always-on water source. (Though the sprinkler itself uses very little during the active phase, it has to remain “charged” to fire off). I have always had troubles with a little leakage in that setup.

My concern would be if it scared them toward the direction of the netting, and made them in advertently ram right through the netting.

I was in a similar situation to you with a 7’ tall plastic netting fence, but a month ago the worst case scenario happened. The deer learned they could ram the fence and rip through it (I saw them do it several times when I was chasing them out). For weeks they came through every night and destroyed years of my work. I am cursing the contractor that assured me that plastic deer fencing was adequate. I had to replace the entire fence, but the damage to my trees can’t be undone. Now I have a 9’ high metal deer fence and the bastards are back to grazing on my neighbors’ weeds.

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What grade of plastic deer fence did you use?

If it is just individual trees that need protected, I think a circle of cattle panel works really well. Here is a link to a discussion. Contraption for rolling cattle panels into free-standing tree protection It is much more durable than the flimsy welded wire fence I’ve used in the past, and it can be moved fairly easily for mowing. I also have a 60’ x 100’ area fenced in with 7’ to 8’ plastic deer fencing. It has worked ok for about four years but I’ve had to make various repairs every year. Twice last winter the top monofilament tension wire snapped. Don’t know if it was deer or wind, but after several years the wire seems to be getting brittle. I’ve done a really good job keeping the weeds at bay for three sides of the fence, but for some lazy reason I neglected the fourth side and it is getting overrun with Morning Glories.