Deer Fence & Readying for Grafts

Trying out a 6 strand 6ft hot wire fence for deer protection. I haven’t put the lower outside line on yet, maybe next week. It’s basically the gallager system except instead of another row of post 3ft to the outside, using 3ft orchard trellis arms attached to the existing tee posts. The charger is a constant charging, no pulse, used for dog fencing.

Throwing in some pics of a couple ancient upright tree-form viburnium. They bloom early in spring for about a week and are known as candle wax tree. They produce profuse waxy burgundy berries in the fall that I always heard the old-timers used for making candles.

They were old and gnarly back in my younger days and that was long ago, haha.


Ran out of room on metal post to go up two more runs, so used some schedule 40 pvc 1 1/2 " pieces on top, slid on and thru-drilled to hold the woven plastic/wire braid. Maybe paint the pvc funny colors! Been hauling hay/bedding with barn manure, that should get plants humping.

Just checked grafted apples (140), about 1/3 are setting leaf; starting with Brushy Mtn LT, Red LT, both Myers LT’s, Red Royal LT, and Black LT.

Most all scions are showing bud swell. They were grafted on different days but don’t think that has any bearing on the scion leafing. Maybe has more to do with variety?

Checked the grafts this afternoon, still housed under the protected shade of the garden carport/work station in the 12ft trailer. Worked out perfectly, 150/2 gallon containers fit in fit as a fiddle and easy to water. I’m waiting till full leafing before going in ground with the scion/grow bags.

It is interesting that overnight, (a bit chilly here), the Swiss LT all made leaf in the past 24hrs, wood came from Rickster up in PA and the buds are large and close set on the stem.

I think the wood makes leaf as if it were a whip or tree in the field, some come sooner than later depending on variety.

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