Deer, Figs and Fig Trees

Are deer eating your figs or fig trees? Can’t think of anything less edible than the latex filled fig leaves.

I just bought some beautiful small fig trees from Three Fold Farm in PA and will be d****** if I let the deer get them. I’d prefer not having to fence them, waiting to hear your experience.

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I’d protect them the first yr in the ground. After that they’ll be OK without protection IME.

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When it gets dry, deer will eat anying green. Fence em in!

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Thanks @fruitnut- that makes sense to me now that I think about it. We really need wolves. I’m serious. Deer have overrun much of the U.S.

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I have had varmints raze two-year old fig trees to the ground.

They sawed off an old Celeste and Hardy Chicago. Killed them outright-- no regrowth after that.

Dunno about deer and figs, but would suspect they’d bite in the winter when they get desperate. I had a deer destroy my Indian Free peach, so I fenced off my entire orchard after that.

I’ve been meaning to put down chicken wire to keep the varmints away…

I have 3ft tall fencing around my peaches, and the one year old’s have grown outside the confines of the cages. Well, I was out there this evening, and noticed about 5 new branches have been nipped by you-know-who. So, I guess deer will gnaw on peaches as well. I think some new sprigs on the new Harrow Sweet pear have been chewed on also.

BTW, those two peach trees’ leaves are turning yellow again, I know it’s from all the rain we’ve had. They were looking good after I had mulched and fertilized them back in April, but now not so much.

I’ve had deer browse on almost all my fruit trees but they never touch my figs.

It depends on the deer I guess, the tree I planted at my parents house got sampled for a while. But that was a doe who raised a fawn in their back lot so they tolerated them when they’d come in the yard and they eat everything now. At the farm fig trees are about the only thing deer won’t eat.

The bucks will go after them during the rut, they should regrow the next year so it is not necessarily a big problem for small trees. But sometimes they will work them over so hard they loosen up in the soil or split a bad crotch, and they like to hit the same ones every year.

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If you think the deer are over populated on your land you may want to have some deer hunters come to you property if you can hunt there, here in Georgia you can harvest 12 deer each season, and maybe you can get some meat out of it.

I don’t hunt now since every time I have off the job i’m fishing, but when I retire and will be living off the land more I plan on having brush piles and areas of planted fruit and berries for the rabbits, deer, squirrels and hogs, that way my property will produce a lot more, so I will welcome rabbit and deer, but I have a lot to learn before than. I hope to have green houses or at least a tall fence in the future and enough fruit trees to go around.

Wish I could do that but can’t where I live.

The deer just stripped every fig tree in the yard. Age does not seem to matter. They even ate the staghorn sumac. Do not believe any hype about what deer will not eat. They will pretty much eat anything.

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@nil Are yours mule deer?

Just to update my post, in 2017 there were no acorns and deer were starving. That fall/winter they learned to eat unripe figs and buds and have every winter since.

I can’t tell from the hoof prints.

I had some odd deer damage over the last couple days. They hit a young fig tree, some crape myrtles, and even some cone flowers.

Are they starving?

They also more or less completely ate my Juliet Cherries and damaged some beach plums, but that isn’t that surprising.


Thats too bad! Yeah growing stuff and having wildlife relentlessly attack it does not positively impact my opinion or affection towards those creatures lol…