Delay on my Flavor Grenade

I’m worried about my Flavor Grenade. So far, it only seems to be awakening on one branch with a small cluster of flowers. Is this tree dead or just slow to wake on the other portions of the tree?

Pic of Small flowercluster:

Pictures of other branches:

My burgundy plum for comparison:

Even your Burgundy seems to be lacking vigor and growth. How much chilling did you get this winter?

Lack of growth could be due to poor growing conditions and/or lack of chilling. So what I’m saying is that it could be a combination of chilling and growing conditions that are affecting your trees.

Well lack of growth might also be from pruning them at the end of last growing season. I guess I need to learn how and when to prune still. But yes, I did not get a lot of chill hours this winter, though my burgundy has a lot of blooms whereas my flavor grenade is only waking up on the single lonely branch.

Would I be correct to assume that my bad pruning could be the culprit along with the warm winter?

I did notice another branch growing leaves today.

The poor growth could just be a lack of water during summer. That’s what it looks like. On those trees no pruning is needed except to correct a badly unbalanced tree. You need more wood to ever get much of a crop.

I’d also get rid of all grass and weeds. You’re forcing the tree to compete
for water and nutrients with them.

My Flavor Grenade is also delayed and without a doubt due to lack of water this last summer. Just blooming, now, and not the most vigorous tree, but it looks better this year than last year. I bought some last year at our local Farmer’s Market and they were so good. Think they are very nicely suited to our N. San Diego county weather.

They are delicious!
Some of the taste like Fuji Apple.
About six years ago, a bought a couple at the farmers market; one of them was way, way to sweet so I threw it away.

I ordered one–part of a multi graft pluot—with raintree and it will be arriving next week.