Deleting posts/reply's

Is it me, or has the behavior of deleting posts changed?

If i recall correctly, in the past when you wrote a post/reply. realized a mistake. And deleted it within a few minutes. It would just disappear.

Now it seems to stay, noting it was deleted. And you could read the original via the orange “show edit” thingy.

I quite liked the past behavior. It avoided deleting posts the next day when people responded and thus the topic not making any sense anymore.

But it left room to immediately fix mistakes.

An (completely random, totally did not happen to me ^^) example would be:
making a post as a reply when you wanted it to be a PM

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It’s been that way for as long as I can recall, as long as I can recall, it never deleted right away, I remember when an admin needed to approve of removal before a post was deleted.

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I dunno what you are talking about, so i will try it outa.s;a;awk 91237u jrAWHR #*

The irony XD


It’s always possible to edit your post down to as little as you like as long as you have some content. Thus, I could edit this post down to “Post edited” and be done with it.


if you edit your above post down. we can still see the original via the orange “pencil” edit button top right of the post. (next to the time since posted timer)

It seems though that if you edit fast enough, it won’t show it as edited.


I always thought of it as “batch processing” that occurred in the wee hours of the night, like what used to happen at work, so the “deleted” remains visible until the system has processed all the night jobs.

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Hey, I actually just took the “advanced” disco bot training yesterday, so I have the answer:

To preserve continuity of discussions, deletes aren’t immediate, so the post will be removed after some time.

Do note that you only have 24 hour(s) to undelete a post.


I wish life was like this so I could just keep all the good parts and cut out what I don’t like. Ok I think I’m going to scroll back to late last night…