Desert Dawn nectarine


Here’s a view from the south of my DWN Desert Dawn nectarine. About 1/3 of the flower buds are open, another 1/3 emerging, and the remaining 1/3 set.


Of the dozen fruit sets I permitted to mature on this young tree, 3 of them were ripe today. They are small fruits – about 2 inches across. Not bad for a 1st year crop!


Did you like the taste and are they freestone (the description says “semi-freestone”)?


In my opinion, a great tasting yellow nectarines for my low chill climate. The semi-freestone description is correct. They are not a cling fruit, closer to freestone.


Next victim of my summer pruning routine.




Still need to do some thinning :slight_smile:




December confusion.


My Eva’s Pride has been in full bloom for 3 weeks and has set fruit. I am pretty sure I will not get any fruit this coming year. Super bummed out!


:astonished: :cry:



I really enjoy seeing the blooms this time of year. Even though it is far away here it is spring somewhere.


One pruned yellow nectarine.




I love your border walls. (Did you get Mexico to pay for those?) tee hee
Seriously . . . I really like them. Functional - and very ‘neat’ . . . but also lovely in your yard.


Actually I paid Mexico twice (LOL) … first for the materials and second for the labor … although in the latter case the father and uncle immigrated 30 years ago from Oaxaca and became citizens in the '90’s, and the son is an honor student at Vista high school. Ya know, math isn’t much of a challenge when you spend your weekends thinking about lengths, heights, and volumes of landscape materials. The father has a CA contractor’s license, I wouldn’t be surprised if the son becomes an electrical engineer. :heart:


This afternoon I thinned 2 gallons of fruit sets from the tree, leaving about 50 to mature. :slight_smile:



All that work and the only thing you got is …