Dewberries and wyeberry question from the UK

Good Evening from the UK, grow 100s of types of raspberry , gooseberry, currant, blackberry and hybrids

Unfortunately American bred raspberries and blackberries are very slow on the import front some seemingly being ignored altogether so until they arrive I’m interested in growing notes INC flavours of the following ,

Dewberries ( Lucretia and Austin)

Wyeberry ( pics and info very scare on this one )

Olympic berry

Chehalem ? Berry

Ollalie Berry

Best wishes stew

Wyeberries look and taste like Boysenberries,except for me they are bigger, and ripen about a week or two earlier. Taste is identical. Tart, complex flavor. They must be a sport or a boysenberry seed grown out. As they have to be closely related. Some feel no difference. For 4 years I grew them side by side. Boysen is smaller, ripens later and is not as cold hardy as wyeberries. Taste wise I could not tell them apart.
These look more red in the photo, they take on a dark red color when fully ripe. I’m in very cold conditions, and this is what they look like here.The berries on the right side are more ripe.

Full name is Anastasia wyeberry


Many thanks , beautiful looking berry :slight_smile:

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