Dicamba Timeline


See " Timeline: How did we get here?"


What is your purpose in this article post, general information, other?
Just curious.


Until today I’d only seen bits and pieces of the dicamba issue. I found the timeline interesting and thought others here might too.


I definitely thought it was interesting. Thanks for posting Richard!


The important part is the 47 years dicamba was on the market without all the histrionics. Dicamba has been formulated over the years to offer many low volatility options. Moreover, there are drift retardants readily available. Some people simply don’t behave responsibly and should hire their chemicals applied. Commercial appicators will have insurance or they won’t have a commercial applicator’s license.


I agree with you that Dicamba isn’t the problem but rather the extremely poor behavior of Monsanto with regard to release dates and vengeful lawsuits, plus the behavior of Dicamba applicators. However, it is also true that some licensed applicators played a role in the misapplication of Dicamba in this saga – mostly in choice of Dicamba product. There is member here who is a victim of dicamba drift by a licensed applicator.


Thanks for clarifying, Richard. I have seen in my past history (mid 1970’s) as a lawn chemical applicator, great damage to properties with a product called 8 to 1. 2,4D to Banvel(trade name for dicamba), absolutely wiped lawn weeds out but if sprayed in a privacy fenced yard kill everything to the height of the fence. A useful tool but needs to have restrictions. Dangerous in the wrong hands as @cityman can vouch.
Good topic!


Until recently dicamba was used as a burn down herbicide at least here.
The problem began when it started being used later in the growing season on dicamba tolerant crops.
The largest bee keeper in the state left for Mississippi because of it.


These are second year apple trees showing damage in late June and mulberry trees, showing damage in August in my yard.
Both instances are the result of spraying dicamba past the cutoff date.
The liability isn’t an issue because its practically impossible to tell exactly who sprayed it illegally per the plant board.



Really thought provoking Richard. THanks for posting it. We are in a large area of mostly range land, so no crops to speak of except bovines. The chemical I worry about is grazeon and it’s stable mates. I can’t use hay or manure around my plants and trees for fear of poisoning them. We don’t use herbicides or pesticides, but the hay that has to be fed to the cattle in Winter is always suspect. Very frustrating. D


And now forests, reservations and much more…