Did I start these grape cuttings correctly?

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In case it doesn’t show up, I’m in Japan maybe zone 9B. This is my first year growing grapes, and I have a Peone vine that’s doing very well. I just did a bit of summer pruning, and have made some cuttings to root. They are all small, two or three nodes each with one leaf or leaf shoot out the top. I cut and trimmed down the larger leaves using an X-Acto knife dipped and alcohol. I dipped the lowest node or two in rooting hormone, put in Pete Moss and vermiculite mix.
I’m going to keep it covered for a few days until roots start to show then gradually take the plastic top off and move into pots. No direct sun, it’s warm wet and humid day and night here now.
I’m wondering if I should move them to a completely clear container, and change the mix to more like 3 parts vermiculite, 1 part Pete Moss?

Have not heard of rooting green cuttings. If these don’t work try dormant cuttings. That’s the normal practice with grapes and about as easy as figs.

I got the idea from here:

I tried dormant cuttings in spring, no hormone or covers, all sprouted leaves but failed to root.

Theoretically this should work , just matter of whether mold kills the cuttings first before they have chance to root. different grape varieties has different rate of growing root, so you need to be very patient. A heated mat will help the rooting, also, the leaf should not touch anything or each other, otherwise, it will mold/rot. Periodically open the lid to let fresh air in. It looks to me, the leaf a bit on larger side . BTW Did you sanitized the cutting before you put them in? it might be easier to use cell culture to grow small plants if you are really into it.

I had a green cutting remain alive whole year in the soilless mixture without growing any roots. I think dormant grape cutting is easier to root. This just my experiences, someone might have more research results or more experiences to share.


Thans for the idea, I’m going to try it, it brings me to the idea perhaps also applicable to raspberries !

How would you have sanitized the whole cutting?

Good luck

wash with low concentration of bleach or antibacterial/fungi agent to minimize the bacterial and fungal.

You can root and pot most things green with aeroponics within 2-3 weeks. Grapes work well.

But the temperature of the water needs to be below 21C (70F) to prevent rapid formation of bacterial contamination which will kill the cuttings. [Which eliminates me in the summer.] Change the de-chlorinated tap water once a week. No need to add anything else.

If you use the plans below I find it easier with the bottoms of the net pots removed, and drill a hole forming notch in one of the net pot holes in the lid for the pump cord to pass out of, and cut a corresponding notch in the net pot inserted there so it will fit tight.

In the USA, if you are looking to build your own from parts check out Freight Harbor (with your coupon:-) as well as the hardware stores, hydroponics shops and behind the doughnut shop for free food grade 5 gal buckets. Or for $57 let them do the parts collecting (except the bucket and a timer) work for you.

Pot once roots get good and they will fast.

Good luck. I find it is easy to propagate grape by just pulling the grape vine to the ground and dump a pile of dirt on a section of about 10 inches and water it for about 1-2 months. It will roots a 100% of the time.


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Swenson Red (the only grape I have ever successfully propogated by hardwood cuttings) is fertilized, in full sun, and ready for what I hope will be a BIG year.


This is my kyoho grape cutting now that I started to root back in Feb

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You may want supplemental light if you don’t get full sunshine.
I like the adjustable desk lamps that you can aim— and use gro lights
not incandescent or regular LED.