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Where I live, in Languedoc Roussillion France (my town is Uzes. That in the 1500’s it was a capitol of silk production. There were over four million mulberry trees planted to maintain the appetite of the silk worms. To This day there are a tremendous amount of mulberry trees still growing, but you never see a mulberry, pie, tart or jar of jam. I wonder why? There are still standing many houses that have very small windows on their third and fourth floors. That is where the silk worm cocoons would dry. There is a museum of silk not that far from my town. I have a friend who has an enormous white mulberry tree in her yard. The berries are huge, fat and pure sugar. Mrs. G


As a kid, my mom would have us kids climb the mulberry tree in the backyard and she’d spread a sheet underneath while we jumped on the branches. I got so sick of stemmy mulberry pie, stemmy mulberry jam, and anything else she could think of using stemmy mulberries in, mulberries yuck. Plus the d*#n robins spreading seeds everywhere. Don’t the French stew robins??

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Aha ! The robin eaters and hunters are very country these days.

Can you make jelly from mulberries? I have been searching for ways to use them that does not include the stem. Have to agree that the stem really lowers the fruit quality.

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Use a food mill . Won’t that work? It got rid of my currant stems and seeds.

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