Difference in flowers across peaches and nectarines

Most of my DWN peaches and nectarines have very similar looking flowers. However I noticed some of my Burchell peach and nectarine blooms (Halo Series) look weird - like most of the petals were cut off or didn’t grow out due to some disease!

I know some peaches/nectarines have more showy blossoms… but is this normal too?

Pics below shows the clear difference between 2 Burchell nectarines -
Rapunzel on left has normal blooms and Honey Halo on right has the weird blooms


That’s normal. Showy on the left and non showy on the right. The non showy do look stunted, deformed, or diseased. But that’s normal IME.

Nice little trees…!!


Relieved to know that’s normal! Thank you!

I second Fruitnut, those are non-showy blossoms. I had a couple of non-showy varieties, and they looked similar to yours.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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