Digging up plants, shrubs, trees

Does anyone have recommendations for tools to dig up small shrubs and trees (beyond a standard shovel or pick) ? I saw this on Amazon and looked like it might be a back saver …




You may also check out king of spades . I have no used either .

Hands-down, King of Spades long-handled spade.
I wouldn’t be without mine. Broke several hickory and fiberglass handled spades digging out pecan, hickory, & oak seedlings…but not the KoS!


I used a farm jack to pull up some trees.



Well, yeah… I’ve got tractors and FEL that can pull out unwanted trees/stumps, but I figured Spud was wanting to dig 'em out for transplanting…preserving some root system

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That’s a good point, didn’t think from a preservation standpoint.

Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions. Using a jack to get stumps/small trees out is interesting, not something I would have thought of.

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It isn’t just the strength of the King of Spades, it is also a the leverage the strong, long handle provides. During planting season I always have at least one in my truck when I need to pry out large dead trees. I usually use them for digging up trees in my nursery as well. However, a specialized tool for cutting roots might be helpful, although I always prefer a long handle. Anything we can’t cut with a shovel or a loppers we use an ax.

I got the long handled all steel spade with 15 inch blade from AM Leonard this fall. Quality seems comparable to the king of spades. Handle is a little fatter. I am happy with purchase.

I am not happy with their tools in general, they have a bogus life-time guarantee that is meaningless. I bought that shovel and the metal seemed to “tweak” at less pressure than KOS, but the evaluation was not scientific. I gave away the weakened shovel and purchases another KOS.

That said, I continue to purchase through AMLEO on a regular basis (they give me a nice discount and I have a friendly relationship with one of the customer service agents). They carry a lot of top of the line products- I’m just not happy with the quality of those they stamp their name on. If they break they don’t replace them unless it is under a year old- just like every product they sell. Their plastic bed wheel barrows use very cheap plastic that cracks under our relatively weak sun after less than two years. I have a Brentwood model that I’ve used for over a decade whose plastic is still solid as is the rest of it, even though I store it outside and use it heavily.

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