DiMeo Blueberry Farm, NJ

Anybody have an experience buying blueberry bushes from these guys?

I am looking for a few different varieties of blueberry bushes to add to my collection this coming spring. I reached out to DiMeo farms about the three varieties I am looking to obtain (Cara’s Choice, Hannah’s Choice & Sweetdream), they called me back in a very timely manner which was good. You have to order a minimum of 5 bushes from them, which I knew and wasn’t an issue because I want 2 of each bush. Then I was told that they will not label the bushes, so I will not know which bush is which and also I will not know i have the proper variety that was packed. She told me that their policy is you have to order a minimum of 15 bushes to have them labeled and a small order like mine would not be. They also only take checks, no credit cards. I’m not liking what I am hearing from how they conduct business, that doesn’t mean they are not legit with selling proper varieties and good plants. I am just hesitant. So I figured I’d ask this large network of growers and gardeners if anybody has done business with them and if they had a good experience.

See here: The scoop on 'Dimeo Blueberry Farms' (davesgarden.com)

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thank you rob, i read a few reviews on your link, and now know i should find another nursery to purchase my plants.

Lol, those poor people had some experience with them, i think i’ll pass on that headache.

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy from them if they were the only place in the country where you could buy blueberry plants.

There are several other great nurseries for blueberries:
Indiana Berry
Nourse Farms
Burnt Ridge

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Thanks goodness for the scoop! 4 or so years ago I saw an add for plants from them and talked to them on the phone and almost put in an order. Then I read the reviews…

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Rob, you have me laughing. Those reviews are so bad, i am shaking my head and just chuckling to myself.

I learned a lesson a long time ago, never trust a businessman who deals in only checks. Hence, what really raised a red flag to me about purchasing from these guys.


and to anybody who reads my original post, i meant sweet heart blueberry not sweet dream.

Yes, if you use a credit card and don’t get what you pay for, the charges can be reversed.
So, that might be why they don’t take them.

However, I know quite a few, including the biggest nursery in Corbin, KY that does not accept credit cards. And I never did over the years.

Still, with so many complaints, they must be like a nursery I know not far south of Lexington KY…keep hoping new suckers will show up since the towns surrounding Lexington keep growing since that county restricts sales of property and subdividing into anything under 10 acres…people who have no history with a company show up and are surprised.

I didn’t realize DiMeo had so many negative reviews. I guess the government in Trenton is just as crooked or they’d investigate a company with so many complaints?

Thanks Rob Thomas for the heads up on these guys.

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