Diospyros virginiana seed

Hi i have ordered from China diospyros virginiana seeds and received them today, can somebody tell me is it this seed diospyros virginiana seed.
I have looked on internet but there i found that that kind of seed looks different from mine so now i am not sure is it my seed diospyros virginiana :roll_eyes: .

Nope. It’s some kind of a legume probably Acacia.

To be more specific it’s Leucaena leucocephala. Why ordering D.V. from China ? That puzzles me.


I am from Serbia and here i can’t find diospyros virginiana seed none have it or sell it, that is reason why i must order seed from internet.

Thanks you

Seeds of diospyros virginiana can look very different. Here are some diospyros virginiana seeds in raccoon #%^# that was left in my driveway. 017248FE-484F-4F10-9F32-177F8FD673DB

Early golden persimmon and kaki seeds look like those shown in the picture below. The fruits in the picture are early golden that ripened in September. The kaki are the dark brown seeds at the bottom and the early golden are the light tan seeds above the dime at the top.


I never saw live diospyros virginiana seeds so i decided better to ask is it or isn’t that virginiana seeds that i bought.

This on my picture are Asian persimmon seeds that i have.

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I have plenty of diospyros virginiana seeds that I obtained from my own trees. If you PM your address, I will send them to you (I can’t promise that the package will reach you though…because of customs and such).

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Thank you for offering to send me diospyros virginiana seeds but few days after i ordered this seeds on internet i spoke with one friend that said to me that he also have ordered many diospyros virginiana seeds (from other source) and have enough seeds to share with me.

They may or may not be what you requested since there is variation but they probably are. I put my seeds in water and see if they float to make sure they are fertile.

It should be added that the floaters are dead and the sinkers are alive.


(Harbin ; to be more specific its leucaena )

I believe harbin nailed it, good eye.
That horse shoe pattern on the seed is called a pleurogram, fits with seed of mimosoideae, mimosa familiy , of witch leucaena belongs.
Never saw that on a persimmon seed.
So not persimmon .


I’m always amazed and humbled by the level of knowledge coming out of this forum!


Message from seed seller :roll_eyes: .

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