Dip and Grow?

I ordered a product called dip and grow to propagate some rootstock. My nursery says they use this product but he said to wait till summer to use it on the cuttings. The instructions that came with the product are vague. Does anyone have experience with this product and would be willing to share any tips or tricks or the best time of year to use it?
I saved some cuttings from the rootstock I used when grafting. I have them stored in the refridgerator just like scionwood. I thought I ight could try it on them.

You can use it year-round indoors provided there is bottom heat (heat mat) keeping the media in the 65-75-F range. Of course once they sprout you might also need overhead lighting. Outdoors, anytime the low temperatures don’t venture below 60F (until rooted) is ok.

Thanks Richard, When would be the best time to collect the cuttings?

That’s plant and climate dependent. As a general guide, I recommend “Plant Propagation” ed. A. Toogood, either in the DK Books or AHS edition (identical content). If you want to list specific plants here, that’s ok too – there’s numerous experts on this site!!!

Thanks I will probaly just be working with apple rootstock right now.

I’ve used Dip-and-Gro on a number of hardwood cuttings. I take those as dormant hardwood during mid to late winter. I score the wood to the cambium with a sharp knife, dip for 5 or 10 seconds. I’m sure it will work for some softwood and new growth cuttings too, depending on the method and situation.