Discount Codes 2022-

It looks like we don’t have a recent discount coupon thread so here is one.

Cummins has 50% off scion wood and they have 250+ varieties of all sorts of fruits still available.

SCION50 is the code. Here is the email I got.


50% Off Scionwood Sticks!

Choose from 150+ Varieties of Scionwood to Turbocharge Your Spring Grafting Projects at 50% Off or More; Also Get Beautiful Disease-Resistant Trees for Backyards & Organic Orchards; Great Apples for Cideries.

All Products Ship in April!


50% Off Apple, Peach, Plum Scionwood for Spring Grafting: Use Code SCION50 – Coupon Applies AFTER Volume Pricing!

Want to make your own trees? Looking for exotic varieties? Now thru APRIL 15, use coupon code SCION50 on the checkout screen to get 50% off all scionwood. The coupon discount will be applied in addition to the normal volume pricing posted for scion varieties.

We offer scionwood of common fruits, Old World varieties, and rare heirlooms. We will ship you the sticks for your own budding and grafting projects. All sticks ship in April, then your next chance will be 2023! Planning to “top-work” old trees? See our new top-working page.

Want us to do the work instead? You can inquire about custom treesbudded for you by Cummins Nursery.

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What to Do With Those Old Apple Trees? Try “Top-Working” With Your New Scions to Put Fresh Varieties on Robust Roots

Do you have old trees that give plenty of apples but none you want to eat? Would you like to turn Red Delicious into Honeycrisp? Want to convert dessert apple trees into cider producers? You can top-work those old trees – grafting in your chosen scions to leverage the big established trunks and roots of the original trees.

See the Top-Working Page >


“Backyards & Organics” – Your Best Defense Against Apple Diseases Is To Grow Varieties That Have Natural Resistance

Dear Growers, disease-resistant fruits can be the master key to a happy home orchard or an apple block on an organic farm. You can minimize sprays and maximize your chances for a good harvest with disease-resistant cultivars (DRCs) that are bred for resistance to common nuisances.

We offer dozens of varieties from Alkmene to Zestar! Try these trees for an easier time managing your backyard orchard or organic farm.

Remember that we sell out every April, so order soon if you want to get trees planted for the growing season:

Honeycrisp (pictured)


Pixie Crunch




Crimson Topaz

You can browse the disease-resistant apples by:


Ripening Date

Tree Size

Stock Availability

New to orcharding? Read about fruit tree diseases and insects.

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For Cidermakers, Exotic Apples & the Last Pears to Plant in 2022

Are you a professional pommelier or moonshine hobbyist? Or are you just pressing sweet juice in your backyard apple grove? Often the best ciders come from blends of apple varieties that you wouldn’t normally eat out of hand. New to cidermaking? Read about cider apple classifications.

Some of the great cider apples you can still get for 2022:

Harrison on G.11

Porter’s Perfection on G.11

Binet Rouge on G.41

Solarina on G.11

Reineta Do Caravia on G.11

Piel de Sapa on G.11

Raxao on G.11 (pictured)

You can still grab the last perry pear trees:

Normännische Pear on OHxF 87

Yellow Huffcap on OHxF 87

You can browse the cider apples by:


Ripening Date

Tree Size

Stock Availability

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What to Do When Your New Fruit Trees Arrive?

Our checklist explains what to do when you get your Cummins Nursery trees – whether you can plant them immediately OR need to wait a few days.

Key tips include unboxing your trees, counting the saplings and reading the labels, and protecting the roots until you plant. Important stuff! Please read even if you have bought trees from Cummins before. Thank you!

See the checklist >

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