Discount codes thread


Its that time of year when some nurseries start to put out discount codes to move stock.

I just got one from Ison’s: TY15 for a 15% discount on all fruit berry nut trees.

Tack on any you find here!



Well, Scott, I was going to add the Ison’s code to this thread. Looks like I’ll need to look for a different one.


Johnson Nursery is Georgia has 25% off on a lot of things. I ordered from them once and saw a friend’s order another time, and we were both very pleased with the quality of what we got.


Stark Bros. is having a “little fruit tree” sale today only. Looks like mostly potted citrus. Prices look pretty good at up to 40% off. Little Fruit Tree sale


Anyone ordering fungicides or pesticides from Keystone Pest Solutions can gat 5 off 50 with the promo code “save5”. I just used it…it works.


Johnson Nursery is having a 25% off sale. I’ve never bought from them, but they have good reviews.

Edit: Oops, I see cousinfloyd had already posted this.


From email I received from England’s, “All LARGE size Quince and Jujube are DISCOUNTED a full 25% off thru the month of April till the 25Th and at any quantity at listed price”.

No discount code, and nothing on their website about the sale. Their FB page states 20% off, but the email says 25%.


Also, a review on Garden Watchdog for Johnson Nursery indicates they are closing their doors for good on June 1st. So this may be the last chance to order from them. Looks like 25% off sale is still on. FYI.


That’s sad to hear.

St. Lawrence Nursery just closed as well and at least one place that until recently sold trees has switched to just selling scionwood, with their main business being cabin rentals.

It seems like the smaller operations are getting less and less numerous.

Any idea why Johnson Nursery is closing? Retirement of the owners? Not economically sustainable? Something else?


Wow, that is sad news, Johnson’s nursery is about an hour drive from my place, Bill the owner is a super nice guy and helped me get started growing fruit trees. For those who have not seen Bill, he looks just like Santa Clause with the real beard and all.


There was a piece on American Public Radio’s Marketplace about this a couple weeks ago. I guess a lot struggled through the downturn and are now finally coming to their end. They said more people are buying plants at big box stores now too which makes it even worse.


Any idea why Johnson Nursery is closing? Retirement of the owners? Not economically sustainable? Something else?

The post on GWD indicates they had been in business for 26 years. Could be they were just ready to retire.


This is not for plants, but for the pots. I found Lowes has this 20" pot on sale now for $2.99. I think the price is fantastic for this size if you can live with deep pink。 Other colors,same design is available as well but sale for $9.97 each.


I wanted to bump up this thread. Perhaps it should be renamed “2015 through 2017 Discount codes.”

As of today (Oct. 20, 2016), Ison’s Nursery of Georgia is running a coupon for 15% off your total order.

Ison is the authority on muscadines. They also carry an excellent variety of Asian plums and rabbiteye blueberries well-suited for the humid Eastern U.S., among other things.

Coupon code is: “EARLYBIRD15.”


I just removed the 2015 from the title… the continuous discount codes thread :grinning:


Raintree Nursery $10. off orders of $75. or more use Promo code:“C10” no exp. on card
Deer out $10. off orders of $75. or more use coupon code:“10bucks” exp. Oct. 31
and they do change the code after the exp. date. Website has more products then just deer deterrant.
Deer out website


Local Lowe’s has there typically seasonal plant clearance to make room for Christmas stuff. All there blueberry and blackberry 1/2 price which was $5 for a 1 gal plant, hard to beat that, plants looked good.


Second the Lowe’s and Home Depot. I got a huge Powder Blue Blueberry that had several branches at over 5 feet tall. It was $19.99. Not stupendously cheap, but far cheaper than you’d be able to get for a blueberry of that size online. Also got a Celeste fig for $5.

Though this is not a discount code per se, I sometimes forget that Lowe’s/Home Depot has decent fruits for good prices at this time of year.

I even saw a Liberty apple tree and a Hood pear tree in among the soon-to-die Bartletts and Braeburns. I was stunned.


Well, as long as you ignore the variety on the tag you are fine. The odds appear to be about 50-50 that you get the listed variety on such sales.


That’s a good reminder. :+1:t2: Yeah, I only buy stuff at the big box stores when it’s cheap enough and I don’t necessarily need that specific thing, it just might be nice to have. That way I wouldn’t care TOOO much if it wasn’t as advertised. But you’re perfectly right, if someone really really wanted a Liberty apple and was counting on a Liberty–the money you save up front will not be enough to pay for the coronary you will have when it produces Golden Delicious. :yum: