Discount codes thread

Pot is worth a couple of dollars

I just got an email yesterday from Burpee for 30% off site wide and they don’t give much time for this.
Coupon code is “AMERICA”

Offer expires 04/02/2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Offer cannot be applied to prior purchases or combined with any other offers and is subject to cancellation or change at any time.

American nettings has bird nettings on sale, 15% off going on right now. Very reasonable netting prices but crazy shipping charges. Lowest shipping charge is $21 for me!

I just placed an order for a tube trap.just wanted to let anybody interested know that right now Forestry Suppliers website has 10% off plus free shipping. Use code L12. I paid $48 for rust resistant version. Regular probably around $37.

Some tube traps are sold without the safety latch. The picture at Forestry Suppliers show the safety latch so that looks like the good one.

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Thank you for mentioning this Susu. And thank you @Drew51 for mentioning what you paid for netting this summer in this thread.

Sometimes stores will do the game of raising prices, then “discounting” them back to normal, but thanks to Drew’s earlier post, this sale looks like the real deal. I’ve been wanting to try the woven netting for awhile and finally ordered some.

Shipping is not bad for a little bit larger orders. I ordered two of the 30’ X 100’ nets and shipping was $33.


It’s Pi (and pie) Day at Stark’s, so shipping is a flat $3.14!

They have a good price on the Perpetua blueberry that I’ve been wanting to try. It’s supposed to flower again and fruit a second time in the fall. Monrovia is supposed to carry it too, so I may find a bigger one locally this year.

Baker Creek has free shipping next 24 or so hours. Use code Mayfest at checkout. Ends April 6th at 6pm.
This is their website


Thanks for that link. That dark galaxy tomato looks incredible. The name perfectly matches the fruit. It really does have a galactic look to it. I don’t expect to buy anymore tomatoes but could pick some up for next year

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I don’t know if the product is any better/worse than any other deer repellent, but Bobbex is advertising free shipping through May 14. Discount Code “spring2018”

As I say, I don’t know how Bobbex compares with other deer repellents, but I’ve used this particular product for some time, and am satisfied with it. I just ordered another 5 gal. bucket.

Ignore their claim that an independent study shows they are the number 1 rated repellent. That study is bogus. But I do think their repellent is a decent product.

Thanks for the pointer Mark. Their direct prices are also cheaper than Amazon, where I was buying it.

I am currently using Bobbex, Plantskydd, Deer Stop and Deer Stop II in rotation.

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Today only 15% Off Site Wide. Min. Purchase $50. Max. Discount $100 Starts 05/04 will have 15% off site wide tomorrow (05/04) starting at 8am PT to 4pm PT. Minimum purchase is $50 and up. Maximum discount is $100.

The usual excludes are gift cards and eBay auto (vehicle).

Don’t have the promo code. It will be available at 8am PT.

May the Fourth Be with You!

Promo Code: PMAY4TH

Cummins just upped the ante, 50% off with SPRING50.

Theres not much left in terms of selection but I found a couple things to fill in some holes.


Isons has 25% off of their muscadine plants. Not sure how long it will last, just says, Very Limited Time.


Baker Creek has free shipping on seeds until August 22. Use promo code FALL at check out.


Legg Creek Farm in Texas has native trees for $5 through today 8/21. Brady

Someone in NAFEX posted this link, Chelsea Green is offering Morgan’s: The Book of Pears in hardcover, regularly $65, for $16.25. I just ordered it, $5 shipping, total of $21.25. Looks like it may be good through 9/9/2018.

4 Likes has a sale starting on 22nd.

BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE!! We will be offering This sale on all items in our store for 5 days! Take 10% off all orders under 2499.00 using coupon code BF10.

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Free shipping at A.M. Leonard until November 26th.Use code 11D18P.

Yeah,I wanted to buy a 50lb bag of rice hulls and the shipping was going to be over 4x the price of the item.
Remembering they did free shipping sometimes and wasn’t in a hurry,the ad came along. bb