Discourse Manual

Thought this might be of interest to some folks, especially new users, who might have questions about particulars of using the forum (which Scott built using the Discourse software - if that’s the proper way to put it). Discourse has a User Manual online at
Discourse New User Guide - users - Discourse Meta
that I’ve found helpful for such things as how to create a custom avatar (the little picture that designate You) or how to link or what the various icons mean or how to mute a category (if there is some category you aren’t interested in), etc.

Members like @marknmt have been most patient in answering such questions I’ve had but when I forget it’s nice to have a “manual” of sorts to refer to.
Happy November, Sue


I don’t remember ever having to be patient with you Sue, but thanks for the kind words anyhow! I’ve had a lot of very patient help come my way, though.