Disease Help and a few other questions

I need some help identifying diseases/pest damage.

This is from my cherry (I think). I believe it is Japanese beetle damage, but I wanted to confirm.

This is on my cherry. The angle is rather bad, but I think it’s cherry leaf spot?

This is from my pluot. I’m not sure what exactly the damage is from.

This is my apple. It has a lot of very ribbed/rippled leaves and I have no idea why.

A currant with ribbed leaves and some kind of discoloration/dots on the most ribbed portions.

This is an apple that I’m pretty sure had fire blight early in the year. Is this still fire blight damage?

A strawberry. It was fine until temperatures started to climb. I’ve got no idea what is causing the discoloration.

The next several images are all tomatoes. What is causing this yellowing? Are the yellowing leaves too low on the plant, lack of nitrogen, lack of water?

Yellow tomato leaves again.

Tomato again, but strangely dark leaves. Is this a problem?

A fig. I guess this is that fig mosaic virus?

This is my other fig. This this a summer crop, or a breba crop? Picture was taken today. The fig in question is maybe 18 inches tall.

Is your apple honeycrisp?


i have two brown fig plants they both have rust spots one much worse than the other i have tried everything this is my second attempt with figs rust both times HELP

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The apple is karmijn de sonnaville.


Currant is probably affected by currant blister aphid. (the leaf that has yellow/red blisters). Yellow margin could be potassium deficiency.
Strawberries may need some nitrogen.
Tomatoes may have several issues, but just remove all affected leaves and fertilize with good tomato fertilizer aso keep your pots wet.Make sure that soil getting wet from top to bottom.

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My apples had rippled/distorted leaves on the new leaves and they looked somewhat like yours. In my case, it was aphid damage. Might want to check that out.

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