Disease ID on young apple bark?

I’ve been out pruning and saw these lesions on a bunch of our young 2-4 year old trees, especially Pristine. Some kind of fungal infection? Anthracnose? Black rot?

Should I take a sample and send it to a diagnostic lab?

I haven’t really been doing any anti-fungal sprays… time to start? Should I do dormant oil & lime-sulphur? Have you had success with Michael Philips’ Neem concoction? I have some Cueva light copper…

Your advice would be appreciated!

Hail damage looks like that. In general it looks like some physical damage, not a disease. If that is what it is, there is nothing to do but wait for the tree to heal itself.


Oh, that would be a relief if that’s what it is! At least it’s not something that is spreading across the orchard.

That said, from what I read, it makes the tree vulnerable to diseases, etc. I guess I’ll try to be diligent this year with some good Michael Phillips holistic sprays getting to the branches. Thanks for the info. I didn’t even think of hail!