Disease on Pears

Over the last two weeks my Summercrisp pear trees have picked up some disease which is causing the leaves to brown. On one tree it is effecting most of the leaves. I’m not sure exactly what it is, thinking rust of some sort, although perhaps fire blight (but I don’t see any of the other FB signs like the shepards hook and branch infection). Also, wether here has been hot and dry, except for a bit of rain during the period when this showed up.

Thought I would ask here to see what prople though it was.

(I’d like to upload some pics of the leaves, but don’t see the button for uploading them anymore)

Guess I found it, the upload is now an edit icon at the top instead of a button.

Anyone have any confirmed ID on what’s causing this?

fire blight?

I think @Moley nailed it with Fireblight. Was the tree recently pruned? I have new grafts and branches I prune do that occasionally. Pears with new growth are especially susceptible. The shepherds hook is not always present. I would chop that piece off ASAP that’s the type of infection that heads for the roots in my experience.

I had read that Summercrisp was not affected with blight. Goes to show you can’t believe everything you read.

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Every pear I’ve read that is not as susceptible to FB still gets Fireblight strikes in my area. Just to name a few Kieffer, Seckel, and plumblee. The pears that don’t have strikes thus far are likely because they are not producing fruit.

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That is what I have observed also but the damage is a lot less on Kieffer from what I have witnessed. My only exception is the Orient pear which has been clean as of now. Hope I don’t have to eat crow later on over my Orient pear comments.

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