Disease? Root rot?

A contact in Nigeria forwarded these photos of a couple of apple benchgrafts in distress. I can’t decide between fungal disease or root rot. Fireblight does not exist there. Regardless, I told her to put them out in the sun.

That soil looks way too much like mud. Too fine textured for a pot. So I’d expect it’s an issue with the roots. Something like root or crown rot.


Absolutely agree with Fruitnut’s observation, Kevin. Is there wood chips or bark they can mix into their potting soil so it will drain better?

Over-watering has been a constant problem. However, they usually do much better in plain dirt than any potting mix, which contain organics that rot and rob oxygen. Once they droop a little bit, most clients really pour on the water, which finishes them off.

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Okay, so, just don’t have them over-water such dense dirt? I imagine they may not have access to something like perlite they could add for improved drainage?

Do they have something like builders’ sand available? Would using mostly that help make it better draining/quicker drying?