Diseased Cherry Tree

Below is a diseased Cherry Tree, I assume Canker. I sprayed with Kocide 3000 and Horticulture Oil this fall. is there anything else I should do to help the tree recover? Is there any hope?

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Anyone know or have a guess as to what disease damaged this cherry tree?

Looks like bacterial canker. Pretty common on cherries. The tree is probably a goner judging by how big the canker is.

I think @fruitnut had reported bacterial canker problems on Krymsk 5 at one point; perhaps he can weigh in on whether this looks like what he had experienced.

My trees just died during a wet spell in the warm season. Only the K5 rootstock was infected. When that happens the tree dies suddenly.

My sweet cherry tree on Krymsk 5 died last year, all of a sudden. It seems to be very susceptible to canker (and who knows what else?).

I would get a cherry on Gisela. Mine is on Gisela 5 and it has outlast the Krymsk 5 by several years now.