Distinctive Pattern of Holes

Can someone tell me what’s causing the distinctive pattern of holes (see the attached pic) on the trunk of the apple tree and what if anything I should do about it? Thanks.


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Sapsuckers. Hardware cloth will deter them from wherever you attach it. They will just find an unprotrected area to attack. Not worth it to me. I haven’t seen any major problems with the trees this has happened to.




Sapsuckers as was earlier stated. I have one seedling tree where the sapsuckers almost killed the central leader about 12’ up. The top of that tree had yellowing/wilted leaves. I wrapped aluminum window screen around several heavily impacted areas and that stopped the drilling. The top of that tree has slowly recovered, but I don’t know if it will make it long term.


I have a big volunteer cherry in the middle of our yard which dropped a good sized limb from maybe 20 feet up. I wondered how it could break relatively cleanly. Now I wonder if maybe it was banded like that.

I want to know how to keep birds from pecking our stucco. Seems like their favorite place is about 8 feet from my head when I’m sleeping.

He is just telling you that the tree is perhaps wormy. You have to admire his dutiful devotion to symmetry. Thankfully here they stick to pines and other softwood trees for the most part. In return we are cursed with carpenter bees. Lots and lots of them.

Sapsuckers drill their holes to get to the sap and the insects that are trapped in the sap: