DIY seed tape

I found this today, thought it might be good to try for carrots this year.

I definitely overseed!


I’m doing this too this year. I cut strips of paper towel, seperated the two layers, dip a tooth pick in glue, pick up a seed and glue to paper. I put them about an inch apart. I let them dry and have them stored in a dollar store baking pan.You can mark the differant varieties with a number or colored markers. I plan to lay a strip on each side of my seepy hoses and sprinkle dirt over them. Should work well as long as there is decent germination on the seeds. Did it for beets as well, spacing them a little further apart.


I’m digging the idea, thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, earlier in spring, I haphazardly sprinkled carrot seeds into the bed and didn’t thin in time. Now it’s a jungle in there and very difficult to thin.