Do all Pluots develop fruit spurs? My Flavor King has not

I have three pluots, all planted in 2019. The Flavor Supreme and Flavor Finale have developed lots of fruit spurs, but I see no such spurs on my Flavor King. All the places where fruit developed last year have become seemingly dead stubs. It does have a lot of buds along last year’s new growth. I’m wondering if perhaps some varieties of pluots do not develop spurs (though I can’t image why this would be). Given the situation, I’m thinking I should prune it more like one would for spurless fruits, such as nectarines.

Do any of you have experience with Flavor Kings not having any/many spurs?

Any advice on whether this is a problem, and whether I should prune differently would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not certain but I am also interested since I am grafting some pluots, but they are not yet grown enough to bear. I found this article that imply an answer and provides some pruning advice. If you get a definitive answer let me know. @scottfsmith may know since I read an article he wrote on his experience.
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Plums spur up more as they mature. My guess is your FK is maturing more slowly compared to FS and FF.

Don’t worry about it, soon you will be up to your eyeballs in fruit! FK is very productive based on my experience with it.


Thanks for the link! I’m intrigued and confused by the opening sentence: “Most plums and pluots produce their fruit on short, compressed stems called spurs.” Most? Not all? Is that true?

Thanks! So, am I correct in understanding that your FK has spurs?