Do any of you grow and sell rootstock?

I was wondering how many I could grow on half an acre and sell, maybe all mm.111 or Bud x? I thought those weren’t trademark or illegal to sell, not the Geneva kind because I thought that requires a license.

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I’d check the patents they only last so long. You could also grow to maturity and cross with another with the same flowering time and use seed to create your own versions to expand but again check the patents, they only last so long and many are old

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You could grow and sell, but that is probably not very cost effective, competing with massive growers and resellers. And you are talking about something that requires a nursery license and business license at minimum, not to mention figuring out what regulations are regarding shipping, marketing what you grow, etc.

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Yes. Still, things sell on Ebay & the like every day by people that have no license or permit.
Some doing it as a side hustle to their disability check or drug habit, perhaps.

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I don’t think you could grow and sell rootstock on a cost competitive basis. A small number of nurseries grow them under ideal climate conditions in the Northwest. They have economies of scale that you as a small grower will never have.

Buying rootstocks and grafting trees could be done on a small scale. I think a few members of the forum actually do that. You might start a thread on that if you are interested.

Although for most people I think it would be more effective to work more hours in their profession or take on a 2nd job if the main motivation is increased income. Making money with fruit tree sales is a long slow process.

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As well as the specialized equipment, soil conditions and amendments to make the process easier.

With that being said the M7, M106 and M111 are not under patent any longer. They have been around a long time.

One way to be competitive is to specialize in selling to smaller nurseries who can not justify buying 50-100 of each rootstock at the same time, but who would still like to get better pricing than what they go for in small quantities retail.

Whether or not it would provide enough income to be worth your time is going to be based on a lot of factors. That said, I would say it’s easiest to sell things when you’re passionate about them so unless you’re passionate about growing rootstock I think it would be hard to be successful.


I always forget about those things.

How many could I grow on half an acre, if I used all I could for rootstock? I know I need walkways, water and so on like a regular garden, but in general how many could I grow on that amount of dedicated space?

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