Do Asian pears ripen off the tree?

This is my first year getting a (meager) harvest off my multi-graft pear tree. A windstorm knocked about half of them off last night, and when I tried them they were about half-ripe. The seeds were still mostly white, and they tasted OK but not great.

This is my first experience growing asian pears, I’m wondering if it is worth it to pick them up or just leave them. I know euro pears ripen just fine on the counter but I’m not sure about asians. They are “Korean Giant” and “Jilian” if that matters.

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Korean Giant has a long picking time like a month or more. Wait a few more weeks and pick one. A fully ripe one has dark brown seeds. You can eat them right off the tree.

In fact, do not leave them on a counter. They will lose their crunchiness. Asian pears’ crunchiness is part of their attraction. Put them in a fridge. I put them in a plastic bag and tie the bag with twist tie first. They last a long time that way.

I heard of Jilin, but not Jilian.