Do birds like Pink Lemonade?

This is my first year to have a measurable amount of Pink Lemonade fruit and I was wondering if the color confuses the birds to the point of not eating them. I’m not sure when they actually start to ripen. The bush started out growing slow but is growing well now and appears to be healthy.

I find the opposite, The Cardinals in my area will go for Pink Lemonade over all my other bushes first. TBH, it is a marginal tasting blueberry, more of a novelty than anything else. It is however, in my location a very vigorous grower.I mostly give them to my GF for baking at her pastry shop.


I have a pink lemonade and I find the berries tasty. They are slightly different than blueberries though. I’d almost compare the difference to yellow/white peaches. The pink berries have less “tang” but a hint of something else the regular blueberries don’t.

Not disagreeing with your assessment-tastes differ-just providing a different perspective to those on the fence about pink lemonade.