Do Limbertwigs ripen further north?

I ordered a black Limbertwig arriving this spring. I’ve never had one, but I thought it might be an interesting addition to the orchard after reading about its taste and history. Now I’m wondering if that was wise after looking into ripening dates.

I don’t see many orchards this far north growing Limbertwigs. We have about 160 frost free days. If a Limbertwig would struggle in zone 5 with that length season, I’d like to spare the heartache and plant something better suited to my region.

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The tree is said to be winter hardy in zone 5, but I do not know about the ripening. Anybody growing Winesap? Probably about the same ripening time.
My Black Limbertwig is a 2018 graft and hasn’t grown very much.

I’ve ripened Stayman’s Winesap here (lat. 46.92) but it wasn’t the apple it should have been. I’ll give it another couple of years and see. A friend took his out.

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