Do nectarines need thinning?

I sprayed my Fantasia tree with permethrin after petal fall a couple of times until the fruit was big enough to put bags on.
Quite a bit of the fruit is not bagged, and I was expecting it to fall off eventually. All of those are oozing from insect damage, but they still haven’t fallen off yet. They should fall off on their own?


I also have a Fantasia tree and I end up taking the fruit off if I see bug damage. I also get rots on the fruit probably due to the timing of my spraying and my inconsistent spraying. My tree has grown well and normally has a lot of fruitlets. I often wonder if I should remove my tree. I keep saying that next year will be better. I need to take more care with my tree.

Some peaches/nectarines can develop and ripen with worms inside. It will surprise you when you cut your ripe fruit open. In other words, not all infected fruit will drop on their own.

Like peaches, you should thin nectarines, bug-infested or not, so the tree does not carry too many fruit that will not size up well and could break branches.

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You should remove damaged fruit for two reasons: (1) don’t waste tree resources on bad fruit, and (2) stop reproduction of insects.


I am seeing some pc marks on my greater thank quarter sized nectarines. Howver I have yet to find a worm. I have found some ofm but no pc. Is this something that happens?

All the peach and nectarine cultivars I’ve grown over the years have required thinning. It is most effective when they are almond size. From a 5 year-old tree kept to 6’ to 8’ high Janet and I remove at least a gallon. We find it takes two passes - the main thinning and a day later removing another pint per tree of the ones we missed.

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I’m with everyone above on this one . . . And as Richard said - it usually takes a few passes. I am constantly pulling fruit that is ‘dimply’ or compromised in some way . . . all the way up to harvest, actually.
In my experience - they almost ALL need thinning. The exception in my yard is Indian Free Peach. It is very considerate (!) and only sets fruit about every 5 inches or so! Maybe there are other varieties that set this thinly? . . . I don’t know.
Thinning Fruit is Painful, but worth the pain.
I have to do the thinning when my husband is not around! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He can’t stand to watch . . . or to do it . . . so I have to be the tough one!
It pays off. Like my ‘Forum Mentors’ have advised . . . if you don’t thin - you’ll get puny fruit and possibly a torn and broken tree.


@Ahmad ! I was hoping you’d see that, Mentor! :blush:

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Thanks guys. Got all the thinning done.

I was very proud of that response by you @PomGranny :blush:, but not by the peach photo in the other thread :joy:

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