Do peach trees in Phoenix AZ need spraying?

I know peach trees require spraying in some places. What about in Arizona?
People here say peaches only live for about 10 years here in Phoenix. I’m wondering if spraying makes a difference here.

There is a commercial peach grower right in your neighborhood who is a member of this forum. @amadioranch As I recall he rarely has to spray his peaches for insects. Again from memory about the only insect pests for peaches (mainly nects) are thrips in Phoenix. Eric, what say you?

Someone summoned me! :slight_smile: Fruit production in peaches requires zero spray here in the Phoenix valley. Some spots do have problems with borers…but personally I think thats a issue with poor rootstock than anything else.


I miss your reports


Awesome! Less chemicals is a good thing. My peaches are all on Nemaguard and I have an Arctic Star nectarine on Hensen from RSI Growers.

I got a Black Boy peach on Lovell rootstock from Raintree. But I grafted it to Nemaguard because some say Lovell is not good for Phoenix. I could not find much info about chill hours for Black Boy, but where they grow it in New Zealand seems to be low chill areas. I hope it’s true and that Black Boy taste good!

I believe @amadioranch grows all his peach trees on Hansen rootstock. Nemaguard is not suitable for heavy soils.

I’m fortunate to have somewhat lighter and better soil in the part of my yard where the stone fruits are. The Bay Laurel Nursery bare root trees on Nemaguard and Myrobalan I planted in January 2017 are 8ft to 12ft tall now and very healthy. I didn’t know about RSI Reid’s trees on Hensen roostock back then. It’ll be interesting to see how much better the Arctic Star on Hensen does.

I save the calcarious soil parts of my yard for the pomegranates, mulberries and figs.

In a corner of my yard close to my neighbor’s huge eucalyptus tree even citrus and figs don’t grow well. Peach trees die there in 2 years. I finally planted some jujubes there this spring and they are all thriving and fruiting already. Jujubes trees are tougher than cactus.

Aww thanks for saying so! The last year has brought such changes for us that I have a hard time getting to do stuff like chat on this forum. I also kinda doubted how much anyone really wanted to hear my opinions on growing this odd environment. Im glad at least a couple people enjoyed it.


You are correct. But not just peaches, all stonefruit. Even cherries (with a interstem). Its the rootstock that works really well with minimal fuss for us.


Nice! what do you use for interstock for the cherries?