Do some fruit trees species wake up from dormancy later or earlier than others?

I know the answer in my front yard is yes, but I don’t know if that is normal. My peach trees are waking up, green leaves, so is a crabapple, also a pear, but none of the apple trees. Is that normal?

Zone Zb, but some naps claim 7a. Idk. Cusp I guess.

Yup, that’s normal. Apricots are first, then plums, peaches, pears, apples, pawpaws, persimmons etc.

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Yeah, that’s one of the complications of matching fruits to growing zones. A species may survive the winter but then leaf out so early that it is destroyed by late frost.


quince also leaf’s out early (but flowers late) around the same time as pears flower quince usually already have leaves.

Last year my 3 peach trees had first bloom open 3/17-3/20.
Apricot was quite early too…

The cold spell we had last weekend (23-24 degrees one morning for a few hours) and the previous night low of 27… does not seem to have damaged any peach or other buds… but so far none have opened.

I think a cold spell like when buds are starting to swell, but not blooming yet… may make them think twice about opening up early… Mine are going to open, have some nice fat pink peach buds, swelling slowly… but they are going to open later this year, than last. Which is fine with me.

Every spring I think my mulberries are dead. Then they wake up. Probably 2 weeks later than every other fruit tree.

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Yes, I keep a calendar each spring of species I grow for bud breaks, it helps me anticipate and plan for grafting each spring as to know about when I should see sap rising

2022 schedule:
Jan 7: Roadside Cherry plum flower buds swelling
Jan 7: Honeyberry flowers opening

Jan 15: Peach buds swelling, pink tips

Jan16: Fig tip buds breaking

Feb 6: peach buds nearly blossoming, plum buds not swelling yet

Feb 20: Sweet treat plum breaking bud

Feb 25: L1 plum summer grafts breaking bud!

Feb 27: L3 plum summer grafts breaking bud!
Kent wa

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Plant a cornel…Cornelian cherry…
and a Ginkgo tree.

Then in a year you’ll learn there’s a dramatic difference.

My jujubes wait until I think they’re dead, then surprise me :sweat_smile:

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