Do squirrels eat pawpaw seeds?

In December I sowed about 30 pots of pawpaw seeds to stratify in my yard under a pile of leaves. After I uncovered them this spring squirrels dug in all the pots. On a whim yesterday I emptied out 5 or 6 pots and can’t find any seeds. Would the squirrels really eat them? Perhaps they were relocated?

The persimmon seeds in the same area are starting to pop up, so those weren’t eaten. I know pawpaw are much later to germinate/emerge.

Fortunately I have some seeds that were germinating in my garage that just got potted, but I hope I didn’t lose all the others.

I don’t know if they will the seed but they along with birds will certainly mess it up. After having several pots damaged I started covering the top with a 1/4" wire mesh. Put a heavy weight on top and your problems are solved. Good luck, Bill