Do you really need orchard ladders?

You be the judge. Years ago took cuttings from this very old pear tree, no name, in my friends yard, tree grew there more than 20 years.
My grafted tree is now about 8 years old. Spicy, sweet,juicy. Don’t know if it is a Asian pear or not. It taste like an Asian pear. This is the mother tree.


Looks like you really need a cherry picker! No pun intended!

3 out of 5 peartree’s are much taller that are now on probation. Will cut them in half or more and find different varieties to graft.

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A couple of my trees are getting about 12 feet tall and used a six foot step,but had trouble finding stable ground.
A few months ago,I bought a second hand 8 foot orchard ladder.These are much more versatile,no wobble and can get nearer to the center,for pruning and grafting.

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